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  • Condition:New unused, unopened -Expiration dates:  —See photos for details. Size:AS1, SA2, AO3   (400ml)
  • Necessity of skin cooling: Skin temperature elevation by heat is the most important factor causing skin aging. Series of experiments upon mice and human proved that hi-temperature(heat)  decreases collagen and elastin. It helps making wrinkles and aging. The cold skin will give you elasticity of a young and tightened water supports you to keep your skin fresh performing cooling massage.
  • The reason to keep the face cold: Our chest and stomach feel comfortable in warmth, but our face feel comfortable the most in cold temperature. Medically, cooling the face gives a big impact to the nervous systems and the endocrine systems.Raising body temperature by exercise, raises our tiredness too. At this moment, cooling face is the key to reduce the high exhaustion of our body. On high temperature, the pituitary gland secretes more prolactin.This prolactin can be reduced by cooling face temperature.

Effects of massaging:

  • Minimizing skin pores.
  • Raising skin resistivity and keep the elasticity of skin.
  • Help calming of atopic skin.
  • The reduction of inflammation and edema.

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AS1, SA2, AO3