BD-101C – 10 inch HD Display Professional Skin Analyzer


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1. High magnification optical imaging technique: Scalp/skin/hair follicle detection, using the principle of optics to enlarge the details invisible to the naked eye, help you find skin problems, find and solve them from the root.
2. Comprehensive analysis of index data: According to index data, accurately locate the source of skin problems. Effectively judge pore blockage, hair folliculitis caused by split hair, hair loss, a lot of hair loss, and can judge the skin color, spot color, skin elasticity, cell moisture, skin oil content and other problems.
3. Multi-functional dual lens: Detection of new hair follicle/scalp fusion, hair follicle problems at a glance, more professional. 50x lens can detect scalp skin condition; 200x lens can detect scalp hair follicle magnification fine detection.
4. HD visual experience: 10 inch HD frequency, 10 million pixels, presenting good detail reproduction and image quality.
5. Picture freeze: Adopt 1024*768 resolution, can be free to freeze frame, obtain stable and smooth picture, experience high quality picture.
Item Type: Skin & Hair detector
Material: ABS resin
Voltage: 100-240V
Screen Size: 10 inches
Pixel: 1000W
Resolution: 1024*768
Magnification: 50/200x
Package Includes:
1x main machine
1x handpiece
2x handpiece lens
1x adapter
1x manual
1x box
1. Skin tester is a precision instrument, please be careful when using, avoiding crashing.
2. Try to test the skin without sweat or makeup to ensure the accuracy of the test.
3. Pay attention to do not let the probe contact acid, alkali and other corrosive solvents, keep the lens clean, avoid dust pollution lens chip.
4. Before the test, please plug in the instrument power cord and handle, and then test.

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