868A – Facial Steamer


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LEX707-FACIAL-STEAMER-VAPORIZER-1. In stock 26 × 22 × 33 cm 10 kg , , , . , , .


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  • Cold and hot spray equipment, beauty equipment.
  • Uniform spray Cold and hot sprinkler
  • Improve water shortage, fine lines, red blood cells, allergies and pores.
  • Improve acne, oily skin, and dark yellow skin
  • High quality stainless steel heat pipe, never rust
  • Retractable heightHot sprinkler
    1. install the machine and plug in the total power supply.
    2. right down the beaker, add water to the MAX red line, or directly add water to the hot spray nozzle, and flow directly to the beaker.
    3. press light and hot button and wait for 5 minutes, until the water is boiling, you can see the hot spray.

    Cold sprinkler
    1. install the machine and plug in the total power supply. The lid on the spray bottle
    2. cold water into the pot, to MAX line.
    3. press the cool key and start the cold spray immediately.

    Note: when the hot water cup is running without water or too much water, it will automatically protect the hot switch when it starts.
    Send out the alarm sound of didi (anti dry burning function)
    Voltage: 220v/50hz
    Power: 800W
    Expansion height: 88-112cm (excluding spray tube) 109-134cm (including the height of the spray tube)

    1. Soften the dead cells of skin surface to make it easier to remove in the next skin care processes.
    2. Open up the pores to clean deeply.
    3. The vapor can permeate to the pores, softening the grease, blackheads, cosmetic residues and dirt, easy to remove.
    4. The vapor can help eliminate toxins form pores, softening the wrinkles temporarily.
    5. Accelerating blood circulation, moisturizing the cells, improving the metabolism and repairing of the cells.
    6. The hot vapor permeates into skin, softening and enlarging cells to remove old cuticles. Makes skin soft and elastic.
    7. Cold spray will not make skin loose, ultra-fine vapor can help skin absorption. It also can improve the ability of cold resistance. Long-time use can lighten your face and reduce pigment.

    In order to strictly control the quality of the products, the manufacturers are tested by 3 heavy water tests before they leave the factory. After the quality is qualified, they will be packed immediately. Because of the testing reason, there may be residual test water in the machine, so that we can ensure that we are real detection, not inferior products. All the products we sent are original authentic products. After receiving the goods, you find it’s normal

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 33 cm