Human Torso Body Anatomical Model


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Size: 85 CM, made of PVC, placed on a plastic base for easy observation, detachable torso anatomy model with enough details,teaching and research.
Three genders: the three genders are male, female, and genderless, which is more conducive for users to display teaching in different situations
Display the position of the internal organs in the human body and the shape and structure of the anatomy of the head, showing the three systems of breathing, digestion, and urinary, and increase the abdomen epidermis anatomy
23 components: display trunk, female thorax, head, eyeball, brain, a spinal nerve, lung * 2, heart * 2, liver, kidney, stomach * 2, intestine * 2, male organ * 2, female organ band Fetus * 3, asexual reproductive system
The frontal section of the two lungs in the chest cavity shows the structure of the lungs, and the heart is a coronary anatomy, indicating the similarities and differences between the left and right atrioventricular structures.