LEX234 – Portable Skin & Hair Analyser


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1) High definition with 2 lenses

2) LCD screen to show the skin and hair images

3) Remote controller for easy operation



  • This beautiful scanner is easy to carry. And you could adjust the scanner with the remote controller.
  •  It has high definition, so beauticians could test customers’ skin and hair condition clearly and then give their customers appropriate treatment.


Testing range:

  1. For skin: we could see the status of the skin. Is it oily, dry or neutral?
  2. For hair: hair follicles clogging / excessive oil secretion / bacterial
  3. Skin testing



  1. 50X lens: the nature of the skin test and daily show symptoms.
  2. General skin: leather trench thickness varies irregularly shaped
  3. Dry skin: leather trench fine texture than the clutter
  4. Oily skin: fine pores; oily texture is not obvious
  5. Aging skin: texture disappeared mostly in one direction
  6. Acne-type skin: sebum accumulation in the pores
  7. Sensitive skin: The skin is thin, prone to stimulate micro vascular expansion
  8. Face gown type skin: sebum accumulation in the pores, inflamed by bacterial infection, causing purulent
  9. Pigmented skin: hyper pigmentation, gathered into a patchy
  10. 200X lens: detection of the nature of hair and daily show symptoms, such as hair follicles clogging / excessive oil secretion / bacterial infection.


Healthy hair testing Description:

  1. The health characteristics of hair: black, soft, smooth and shiny
  2. Damage to healthy hair factors: excessive use of stereotypes liquid, the use of hair dye or perm chemicals, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and severely punished, malnutrition.
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