LEX550 – Infrared Light Therapy



  • Type: Infrared led Lamp
  • Application: Beauty Salon, Nail shop, tattoo, hospital etc.
  • Power: 275W
  • Size: 30*30*78cm
  • G.W: 7.8KG
  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Input frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
  • Temperature: +5 — +40 Celsius degree
  • Spectral range: 0.5μm~24μm

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After the cells absorb infrared, it makes the temperature of tissue grow up, makes the molecule’s movement quicken up, makes the regeneration of tissue and cell livingness strengthen, at the same time, strengthen the oxygen metabolism, expand cells, help to filter and absorb the effective things.


  • Connect the power line and turn on the switch. Let the infrared light preheat for 2-3 minutes after the indicator light on, then shine the light on the pain areas or acupoint.
  • The distance away from the skin should be 10-20cm. The appropriate distance can bring customer comfort. Too close distance may burn the skin.

Suggestion treatment course:

  1. Health care: 1-2 times per day, 20 minutes/ time
  2. Relieve pain: 2-3 times per day, 20-30 minutes/ time (15-20 minutes for those under the age of 16)
  3. For brachychronic patients: 3-6 times/ period

For sub-brachychronic patients: 7-10 times/ period

For chronic patents: 20-30 times/ period

Note: The treatment should be long last. It will not get effect if only shine for 5 or 10 minutes.


Throw off the visible light with strong osmosis and high effect radiation, it can accelerate the blood circulation, improve the metabolism, diminish inflammation and sterilization, and accelerate wound healing. Use with beautify body and plump breast products, help to filter and absorb the effective things.


  • Accelerates the blood circulation and tissue metabolism
  • Diminishes inflammation and stop pain, accelerate wound healing
  • Strengthens venting sweat function, accelerate effective things infiltration

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