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Comfy Brand Healthcare Sauna Tent – Human has since ancient time learned to use mud and hot spring as sauna to enhance their beauty and health. Following the progress of society, you may now enjoy a relaxing sauna in the comfort of your own home, whether it is for your slimming purpose or just taking care of your body in general, as well as for post natal recovery. Comfy Sauna Tent could be used by both men and women, young and old. The use of this “sauna tent” is based on the concept of “prevention is better than cure”.


  1. For slimming purpose

– It will rapidly reduces body weight, getting rid of excess fat, increasing body metabolism rate and thus increases excretion of body sweat, as well as eliminating body odour. It will also help you to recover your body shape/statistic. A bath after such treatment, followed by an application of body lotion will rapidly make your skin beautiful.

  1. Improving blood circulation

– It will help get rid of oily secretion on your face and thus reduces, if not completely, pimples and blemishes, making your face look beautiful.

  1. Traditional herbal sauna

– By adding a tablespoon of herbal powder in streamer, this herbal treatment can get rid of rheumatism and paralysis in both legs and hands. If you have the above symptom, the herbal sauna treatment is most suitable for regular use. It is even more effective in curing flu and cold.

  1. Post-natal recovery

– The herbal sauna is very effective for post natal women for it helps to eliminate sweat and wind. It also helps to smoothen out stretch marks at the abdomen region. Hence, it is the most ideal gift to give to a mother to be. (Remarks: For natal mothers, please use after confinement.) This Comfy Sauna Tent is not suitable for use in an air-condition room. Please ensure that you dry yourself after use before taking a bath. It is advisable to drink a cup of lukewarm water after the sauna treatment. Please bear in mind not to drink cold water for health reason. If use for slimming purpose, treatment should start before bedtime. Please take a bath after that and go to bed without consuming any more food.

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