Lex2005 – Micro Current Machine with Microcurrent Gel (1000ml)


Package included:

  • Machine
  • Metal roller probes
  • Easylift – Microcurrent bio facelift
  • Conductive microcurrent gloves – magic gloves
  • Metal ball tip probes

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  • Get rid of toxin and waste matter caused by poor circulation.
  • Purify blood vessel.
  • Calm, relieve and relax nerves.
  • Activate and stimulate blood circulation.
  • Increase muscle tissue movement, improve collateral circulation, promote metabolism.
  • Enhance lymph conveyance.
  • Put off skin aging speed.
  • Stimulate dermis tissue to regeneration more collagen and the tension textile fiber.
  • Excite sense of skin nerve ending.
  • Achieve healthy beautiful skin.

Accessories Description:

  • Metal roller probes – Improve the absorption capacity of human skin and make the cells have sufficient nutrients & age slowly and the elastic fibre of the cells not easily ruptured and generate furrows.
  • Easylift Microcurrent Bio Facelift – It can greatly stimulate the functions of cells, supplement human bioelectricity, protect the vitality of cells, speed up the metabolism of the cells and get rid of black flecks.
  • Conductive Microcurrent Gloves (Magic Gloves) – It’s a patented glove made of copper/macromolecule fiber alloy with features of anti-bacterial & odor proofing. It can dissolve the dirt in pores, get rid of sour. By conveying bioelectric current into skin, it can resolve the fatty acid, restore elastic of the skin.
  • Metal Ball Tip Probes – It can stimulate the skin cells for face, speed up the metabolism

The following situation are prohibited to use!

  • Heart disease people
  • People who rely on auto ventricle contraction device.
  • Pregnant women
  • Menstrual period women
  • Sensitive body constitution(allergic dermatitis, allergic to metal)
  • Hemophiliac, infectious skin diseases people
  • People who have adopted silica gel in aesthetic surgery.
  • People who take medicament from doctors, etc.

Microcurrent Gel (1000ml):

  • A conductive clear water-based gel use as electrically conductive agent.

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