Lex103 – 3 In 1 Ultrasonic Facial Machine


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LEX103-3IN1-ULTRASONIC-FACIAL-MACHINE. In stock N/A 5 kg , , , . , , .


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  • Smooth wrinkles & firm the skin
  • Reduce puffiness around eyes
  • Whiten black spots, freckles & aged marks
  • Improve the rate of lymph flow
  • Activate & stimulate blood circulation

Accessories Description:

  1. Big Ultrasonic Probe:
  • Because of too much sebum blocking pore results in acne making a million times shaking per second in deep tissue can stimulate organization, promote metabolism, release waste material, it can also remove aged cuticle, clean pore through so that can restrain acne.
  1. Spot Pen:
  • Thick: For removal tattoos, moles, scrotum, granulation
  • Thin: For removal spot, block red blood spot nevus
  1. Small Ultrasonic Probe:
  • To tie in eye care digest, proceeding repair nursing care, removing black eyes, eye bag and fine lines.

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