Lex 401 – 4 Colour LED Light Therapy



  • Item Type: PDT LED Light
  • Optional Plugs: UK Plug
  • Power: 32w
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Size: approx. 32.5 x 32cm / 12.80 x 12.60inch
  • Package Weight: approx. 3kg

In stock

LEX401-4COLOR-LED-LIGHT-THERAPY. In stock 32.5 × 32 cm 3 kg , , , . , , .


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This is a four-color nanowave optical beauty instrument that can help you improve and repair your skin. At the same time, the seven-color light wave design allows you to develop personalized beauty procedures according to your needs. It is the beauty equipment you need for home travel.

  • Multi-effect optical beauty: It has a super acne removal effect, enhances defense and repairs damaged skin; eliminates faded yellow marks, effectively whitens the skin; sensitive skin wrinkles make the skin crystal clear, and feel delicate and smooth smooth.
  • Intelligent operation: You can adjust the time and degree of phototherapy according to your needs, and customize your own unique beauty program.
  • Use light nano waves: light nano waves of four colors can improve the skin health of different skin types.
  • LED wick design, brightness dimmable effect: the LED machine is composed of 287 special near infrared SMD LEDs. The high-power laser is focused on the local area. Compared with LLLT LED, it can be widely used to obtain sufficient light power.
  • Removable: removable, easy to carry and store.

Colour and functions:

  • 532NM-LED green light: penetrates the skin 0.5-2MM, has a good calming effect on allergic skin and body and mind.
  • 423nm-LED blue light: 1M skin penetration rate helps to soothe allergic skin, repair acne and inhibit acne bacteria.
  • 582nm-LED yellow light:1-2MM skin penetration can effectively improve skin erythema, red moon, redness and swelling of pigmentation, etc.
  • 640nm-LED red light: penetrates 1-6mm skin, improves acne scars, accelerates metabolism, whitens and brightens spots, removes skin, increases skin elasticity, improves skin conditions, etc.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 32 cm