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With pure natural plants pigment and amino acid nutritious caring ingredients, completely protects hair from getting damage than traditional hair dye. It is strongly antioxidant, inhibiting the aging of scalp and hair. Protecting the hair while coloring it, reaches the brightening and repairing effect. Only one agent is used, without the need of using peroxide cream. Suitable for using after perming as is low pH value, maintaining curls and color at the same time, resulting a softer, brighter and more attracting hair.

First, bleach black hair to 6-10 degree color, by using DECCO dye cream 0/00 mixing with 9% Activator on 1:1 ratio, or DECCO  bleaching powder mixing with 9 % Activator on 1:1.5 or 1:2 ratio. Leave for at least 30mins and wash off if you reach desired bleach level and blow dry. Next, apply treatment cream directly on dry or semi-dry hair, comb evenly and be careful not to touch the scalp, clean the scalp immediately if came in contact. Heat at 40-50°C for 30-40 minutes, once complete rinse with water first, then wash with shampoo, blow dry and style as desired.

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