LEX005 – Infrared Portable Sauna


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This device is a kind of infrared can use at home. White sitting in the privacy of your home, watching television or other video entertainment, reading, or simply listening to music, you will enjoy the unequaled benefits of this recreational good health device.

Intended use and indication:

Relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation improve metabolism, perspiration. Product itself has a constant temperature control, when the temperature in the box reaches the use temperature, it will stop working when the temperature in the box is lower than the set temperature, it will Strat working again, as for having an overheat protection on back heating panel is a secondary protection set up by our company. Which is for prevention protection measures for abnormal operation (e.g. haven’t open sauna and the directly use)

Testing and specification:

  • Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz
  • Power: 700W
  • Safety Device: Overheating protection
  • Time Setting: 5-60mins
  • Sauna expand size: 67 * 80 * 98cm
  • Sauna Room (Folding Size): 98 * 80 * 9.5cm
  • Weight: 13kg

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Weight 7 kg