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  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This nail nipper is designed to cut thickness,Ingrown toenails, roll nails and brittle foot nails, especially caused by psoriasis, nail fungus, injury and aging. An internal bending nail cutter cuts into the nail and is comfortable to cut.
  • SAFETY: Installed with precision grinding blades to provide clean and uniform cutting by using the curved Toenail Clippers jaws.100% dermatologist grade surgical steel to prevent corrosion and minimize risk of infections. The blade does not break or tear, it cuts long and thick toe nails accurately and is highly safe.
  • UPGRADED CLIPPER/NIPPER: Upgraded double spring and with a nail lifter for lift ingrown part away from the skin. Not only a lifter, also an amazing nail cleaner. It also comes with a plastic tip covers for the blades to keep the clippers safe and hygienic, besides. Ideal for seniors with arthritis or weak hand strength.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: It’s constructed from heavy duty polymers and coated in a proprietary non-slip material to avoid slipping, delivers easy grip and smooth control.Feel comfortable and effort, based on the effort of the leveraged design of the human body handle, comfortable grip, the length of fit. With a customized storage case.


  • Soak your foot: When soaking your foot, put a few tablespoons of salt or antibacterial soap in the water.The nail will be soft after soaking about 10 minutes so that the trimming would be much less painful.
  • Cleaning: After each use, the product should be cleaned with alcohol to extend the use and also to avoid germs.
  • CAUTION: For the people who has developed paronychia or the nail has caused swelling and infection, please clean your nails and the clipper and make sure they are bacteria free.


  • Works well for problematic toenails and fingernails
  • Padded grip and long handle provide maximum leverage
  • Rust-proof surgical stainless steel
  • Compact design
  • Concave tip for precise trimming
  • Sharp yet safety
  • Double spring
  • Soft non-slip grip
  • Professional quality
  • Applicable to all people over 12 years old

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