Seyarsi S68-III Nano Hair Care Instrument


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Nano Hair & Scalp Caring Machine S68-III

Asia is a famous brand in hairdressing facility industry in Local Asia, like China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia. The machines and Curlers made by Asia are in very good quality and play excellent performance. The products are the first choice of many hair beauty salons.

Type: Nano Hair Caring Machine/Hair Steamer

Brand Name: Seyarsi


  • Hydrate the hair
  • Clear the sediment of silicone oil
  • Sterilize the scalp
  • Repair the damaged hair
  • Promote the deep penetration of nutrition
  • Accelerate the medicament reaction

Nanotechnology-based hair repairing instrument is a new generation hair beauty instrument that moistens and improves the hair with nano water molecules of about 0.26NM permeating into the hair, combined with medicament permeation and chemical reaction. The nano water molecules with latent heat energy that is sprayed from the instrument, can go through the wool scale with the clearance of 1NM, and reach the internal of hair to hydrate and nourish the hair, so as to repair the hair and enhance medicament reaction.

Use high-pressure gas of nanotechnology-based hair caring instrument to dissolve and clear the silicone oil and grease which are not easy to be cleared from the hair follicles, so as to sterilize and cleanse the scalp.

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