PVC Training Model Skin Structure


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Name: Skin model / Skin structure
Weight: 2500g
Size: About 70 times, 23 * 22 * 11cm
Material: Imported PVC material,
Packing: opp bag
Color: colorful
Uses: This model shows the different levels of skin, used to learn the basic knowledge of hair, sweat glands, skin sensory organs, etc.

1. Sophisticated painting, details are clearly visible, simulate real skin, easy to observe and learn
2. The stable point of the base is firm, and the base is fixed in four places to ensure the stability of the model

This model shows human skin levels and hair structures at different levels, showing hair, hair follicles, fatty glands, sweat
glands, skin receptors, nerves and blood vessels.

This model is suitable for secondary schools to explain the physical health course and medical colleges to explain the skin
structure course, as a visual aid, to facilitate students to understand the skin structure and accessory organs, and the
distribution of neurovascular.

Fine color painting is clearly visible; skin model is computer color matching, fine painting, not easy to fall off, clear and easy
to read, easy to observe and learn, in-kind shooting, clearly visible