WAHL USA 5-Star Series Detailer Li 8171 Cordless Hair Trimmer


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WAHL-FSD-8171. In stock 15 × 4.5 cm 1.1 kg , , . , , .




  • Brand : Wahl U.S.A
  • Model: 8171
  • Color : Silver+Red
  • Rated Voltage : AC230V, 50Hz
  • Battery :  Lithium-Ion
  • Drive Unit : Rotary Motor -6800rpm
  • Cutting Length : 0.4mm
  • Cutting Width : 38mm
  • Charging time : 45 minutes
  • Using time : 100 minutes


  • Extremely close trimming creates a crisp, clean line
  • Extended blade cutting area produces faster cutting results
  • Suitable for facial hair detail and detailed hair tattooing design
  • With a very short shaving length of 0.4m and an extra wide T-Wide cutting blade, made for contouring and finishing
  • Equipped with an efficient and durable Lithium-Ion battery with 100 mins run time, and a heavy duty recharging stand with a unique swivel cord rotation feature
  • Blade adjusts to zero overlap, ideal for super close trimming, outlines and detail work.
  • Professional rotary motor for durability, power and longevity
  • Rustproof, high-precision, chrome-plated blades
  • Lightweight and stylish design provides balance and control when outlining and faster cutting

Kit Includes:
1x 8171 5-Star Detailer Cordless Hair Trimmer
1x Red Blade Guard   1x Charging Stand
1x Clipper Maintenance Brush  1x Cleaning Brush
1x Blade Oil   1x Flat Top Comb
1x Charger Transformer  1x Major Language Manual
3x T-Blade Attachment Combs

Attachment Comb Sizes:
#½ (1.5mm), #1 (3mm), 1 ½ (4.5mm)

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 4.5 cm

Maroon, Silver