Wet Heat Wooden Sauna


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WET-HEAT-SAUNA-WOODEN. In stock 73 × 56 × 44 cm 14.5 kg , , , . , .



  1. The most remarkable effect is :white skin improved the skin ,postpone senility. especially woman will be most obvious, after several times will cause the skin smooth and delicate
  2. Has eliminate the extra superfluous meat of human body, acceleration is fatty to burn, run the white skin; models body’s function healthily. lose weight also as the remarkable curative effect .
  3. Natural anion which tourmaline crystal stone released continually to be able to cause the human body to relax completely, the affable tense mood; reduces the pressure; has the calmness, calms the nerves to affect .
  4. Accelerates blood circulation ,opens the pore; adjusts in vivo to be balanced,elimination in vivo contamination thoroughly.
  5. Activation the body cell, strengthens the human body immunity, the promotion wound cured
  6. Strengthens the trachea, the bronchial tube and the lungs function, to allergic, the platoon phlegm has the good function.
  7. Discharges the sweat and the agglomeration in vivo toxin ,can reduce arthritis ,the stomach illness
  8. Strengthens body’s basal metabolism, reduces the blood sugar, the cholesterol, the enhancement movement endurance .
  9. The bacteriostasis, promotes the organism repair and the regeneration function.
  10. The improvement acidic physique and treats the metropolis crowd Asia healthy condition; has the obvious effect to the sleep and the neurasthenia.

Product Details:

  • Hemlock

  • Double control panel (temperature, time)

  • Size:1200*700*1150mm

  • Power:1000W

  • 1pcs put in one carton

  • G.W:65KGS

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Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 73 × 56 × 44 cm

DL.H180 Stand, DL.WH180 Wall