Ear Candling Wax


Package Included:

  • 10 pairs of ear candles.
  • FREE Decco essential massage oil.

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  • Material: handmade from natural beeswax and 100% pure organic plants
  • Length: 23 cm
  • Burning time: about 10-12 minutes


How it works:

  • The ear canal is delicately filled with hot air to soften the earwax.
  • Heat can also improve the blood flow in the ear canal, creating a sense of happiness and general relaxation.
  • The rise of warm air will create a vacuum at the bottom of the candle (chimney effect). This helps to extract waste deposits and moisture from the ear canal.


How to use:

  • Push the candle onto the protection plate and light the wide end of the candle
  • Place the small ears in an upright position. Don’t force the ear
  • When the flame reaches the flame damage ring, remove it and extinguish it in the water.

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