JRL Professional FreshFade 2020T Trimmer – Gold Edition


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JRL-FF2020T-TRIMMER. In stock 14 × 14 × 22 cm 4 kg , , , . , .


JRL FreshFade 2020T Cordless Trimmer #2020T (Dual Voltage)Gold Color

1. Easy to clean-the blade repels dirt, oil and deposits, helping to prevent irritation. For simple cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth, or use a brush to clean the blade deeper, holding its base firmly to make sure it stays in place.
2. Rechargeable cordless trimmer, with or without a power cord, can provide consistent manpower, with a cordless power supply for more than 4 hours.
3.Comfort and control-soft tactile handle and customized body provide you with excellent control and 360° non-slip treatment.
4.Professional deluxe beard trimmer-Quick tool-less adjustment without screwdriver, just use the bevel dial to adjust the sharpness, you can get a cleaner and smoother shave, reduce bumps, ingrown hair and skin irritation.
5.Beard trimmer for 2020c/2020t men’s hair clipper, wireless, rechargeable, tool-free zero-gap dialing, high power, more than 4 hours battery life, 6 months standby.

Dual Voltage Charger : 100V – 240V
• 360° Exposed Ultra Sharp T shape blade
• Patented Smart-Clip Technology
• Cool Blade Technology: Blade stays cool and Sharp after extended use
• 2 Hours battery life
• 7,200 Revolutions Per Minute
• Superior Motor: 3 times more powerful on torsion than most trimmers on the market.
• Quiet Motor: Quiet motor, under 60dB, creates quiet working environment
• Global Universal Voltage
• Stainless Steel blade Ideal For lining designing and dry shaving
• Hanging Hook


1 Screwdriver, 1 Brush, 1 Lubricant Oil, 1 Blade Protector, 1 UK Plug

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 22 cm