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LEX233 – Portable 3D Magic Mirror Skin & Face Analyzer



  • Colour: White & Pink
  • Illumination(RGB): 8800lux
  • Fluorescent tube life: 12000h
  • Color temperature: 7200K
  • Electrical requirement: AC220V± 10% 50Hz
  • Environment temperature: 10~35°C
  • Max resolutions: FS-1000W
  • Hard Disk Space: 120GB
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Camera: 1:1.7” CCD Digital Camera
  • USB : 2.0 Port
  • Computer & Monitor: Windows 7/8/10

Sold out!

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It is a method of using deep learning techniques combined with the expertise of dermatologists to accurately quantify the skin – the latest in skin diagnostic methods. Its appearance according to the doctor’s experience, so that skin treatment farewell to the history of past medical experience, can accurately and quantitatively diagnose skin conditions. It provides doctors and patients with more accurate, clear and easy-to-understand skin diagnostic reports for more effective skin treatment and treatment, including:

  1. Dermatological module that can detect skin diseases such as sensitive skin, dermatitis, acne;
  2. Skin evaluation module, including wrinkles, spots, pores, moisture, elasticity, texture, acne
  3. Skin attribute module, including skin age, facial features , score evaluation, etc.;
  4. Contrast analysis module, can be used to visualize the comparison results of the two test results before and after;
  5. Report module, according to the user test results summary data, provide corresponding skin care recommendations, precautions, product recommendations and other data;
  6. Speed module, store customer information, fully follow up the customer skin management workstation;
  1. Solution module, according to the inspection results, input the merchant product according to the customer’s suggestion;
  2. Set the module to support cloud storage, multi-account management, remote and More convenient management functions.


  1. According to the skin condition analysis, provide reliable skin analysis results
  2. Through the skin analysis and reasonable set of customer project treatment and recommend the use of products
  3. Combined with skin analysis and product recommendation to improve customer service
  4. Through the skin analysis of customer project treatment and product effect to do a detailed assessment.



  • Within a few seconds to capture the full automatic dual image, security, UV shooting
  • Automatic detection ofpatients skin problems
  • Automatic facial region division, the face area can be enlarged to observe its state
  • Skin condition analysis
  • Skin area calculation and measurement

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