LF-V68 3D Lipo Sculpture Machine


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  • The fat was dissolved by vacuum negative pressure.

  • It is able to promote cell metabolism, the proliferation of collagen cells, rapidly dissolve fat, and improve the accumulation of fat.


  • Clear the channels and collaterals, activate energy and blood, lose weight and remove fat.
  • Lymphatic detoxification, tighten skin, enhance skin elasticity, and improve body immunity.
  • Relieving pressure, scrapping, and detoxification, improving cellulite, slimming and shaping.
  • Anti-aging acid discharging, postpartum care.
  • Vibration massage, scrapping and cupping, relieving fatigue, dredging the channels and collaterals, face lifting, ovarian maintenance, shaping, and other effects.


  • Magnetism can activate cell energy and promote blood circulation, scavenging free radicals from blood vessel walls, lowering blood viscosity and reducing blood lipid with sedation, anti-inflammatory, analgesia, and detumescence to improve the body immunity and anti-aging effect.
  • Anti-aging and acid-base balance
  • Strong fat blasting for fat removal
  • To dissolve adipose, drainage the lymphatic waste, firm the skin, enhance the skin flexibility
  • To improve the cellulite, slimming and shaping the body

Accessory Introduction:

  • Small-size negative pressure handle: For face lifting and skin tightening
  • Large and medium-size negative pressure handle: Effect on the body for scrapping and cupping, improving body plasticity and body acid removal.
  • Dredging the meridian: Scrapping of detoxification. It is able to lift a to lift arms to repair shape, accelerate blood cell circulation, promote lymphatic metabolism, take away the waste and toxin in the body, and strengthen the body.
  • Meridians brush handle: To dredge meridian, massage and shape the body
  • 60K fat blasting handle: it can act on the fat parts of the body, dissolve fat, remove fat and reduce stretch marks.
  • Vibration head: for a neck massage and spine care.

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