LEX2035UK – Faradic EMS Body Shaper Slimming Electro Muscle Stimulator with Faradic Gel (1000ml)


Technical Parameter:

  • Power: 40W
  • Pulse Frequency: 25Hz/s-1000Hz/s
  • Pulse Output: 10 Channel
  • Pulse Waveforms: 4 Modes
  • Weight: 6.5KG

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Product Features:

1.Advanced controller with micro-computer system and digital display;

2.Eleven pairs of silicon gel electrode pads with ultra strong ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY;

3.Ten groups of electrode pulse outputs, independent working or Simultaneous working.

4.Five different pulse waveforms, adjustable massage intensity, auto circulation.

5.Attaching the electrode pads by elastic bandages, without shedding.


Treatment Effects:

  1. Reduce cellulite on Arms, Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs and Calf for losing weight purposes
  2. Enhance the blood circulation of shoulder, neck, back, hip and waist and vertebrae, removing body fatigue and stress;
  3. Stimulate tensional tight muscle to do contracting exercises, lift and firm slack muscle and muscle mass for slimming and shaping body line;
  4. Effectively treating cervical and lumber cervical and lumbar vertebrae strains due to work;
  5. Relieving arthritis, arthralgia, rheumatism;
  6. Unclogging mammary gland, developing strong and beautiful breasts;
  7. Faradic stimulation to prevent breast cancer and relative diseases.


Applicable Symptoms: Physiological obesity and dietary obesity. Muscle sag. Flat and saggy breast. Cervical spondylosis. Periarthritis of Shoulder. Soft tissues, nerve injury. Chronic lumbar muscle strain. Pain in waist and lower extremities Sciatica pain, neurasthenia Rheumatic arthritis Shoulder, hip, waist, back, muscle hands and legs recovering therapy

Faradic Gel (1000ml):

  • A conductive clear water-based gel use as electrically conductive agent.

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