Lex101 – High Frequency Machine with Oxygenating Cream (1000ml)


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  • Sterilize skin.
  • Improve acne skin
  • Improve hair growth
  • Anti-aging
  • Remove wrinkles

High Frequency (Neon):

  • Harmless gas
  • Remove wrinkle
  • Treat aging skin
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Encourage cellular turnover

High Frequency (Argon):

  • Harmless gas
  • Remove acne
  • Treat acne prone skin
  • Excellent anti-bacterial
  • Healing benefits


Accessories Description:

  1. Mushroom Electrode – To treat on broader area such as cheeks, forehead, neck and jawline.
  1. Hook Electrode – For small targeted area such as nose and around the ears
  1. Spoon Electrode – For under eye treatment to reduce puffiness
  1. Y shape Electrode – For neck and shoulders area
  1. Comb Electrode – For scalp area to promote blood circulation and reduce hair thinning los.
  1. Straight Electrode – Delicate skin, face (Use for indirect method treatment).
  1. Roller Electrode – Rolling massage body.


Oxygenating Cream (1000ml)
Oxygenating Cream creates a luminous, ageless look. The active product is cream, when combined with direct high frequency, release oxygen into the skin. Energy is created as a the cream detoxifies and restores mature skin.

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