Pro Paralex B-6304 – 4 In 1 Bio Skin Lifting


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Product Features:

BIO Skin lifting& Electricity-glove:

  1. Muscles Exercise

The spring of skin depends on the conditions of water and spring albumen contained in collagen of dermis cortex, while bioelectrical currents control spring and activity of body muscles. Micro bioelectrical currents via netshaped nerve tissue control cell movement, extension and shrink of muscles. Thus, by use of simulative human micro energy bioelectricity from microcomputer, the strength, tensility and spring of muscles can be controlled from outside of the skin so as to affect and improve spring condition of skin.


  1. Regeneration of Cells

Bioelectrical currents act via human body so as to polarize human cells (increase bioelectrical potential of cells), promote local microcirculation, and activate cells so as to more effectively absorb water, oxygen and evacuate poisonous things, speed up metaboly, and promote cellular spallation and propagate.


  1. Restoration of Scar

Another important function of bioelectrical currents is to recover the self-restore ability to the wounded part. For instance, when a body is wounded, the self-restore function was damaged so that it does not work for restoration and create permanent scar until skin is activated from outside for metaboly with function of self-restoration.



– Helps deep penetrating;

– Accelerates metabolism;

– Stimulates blood&lymph circulations;

– Eliminates blemishes&Bagginess;

– Reduces cellulites

– Eliminates fine lines&wrinkles;

– Relaxes tired muscles


Ultrasonic scrubber:

– Deep clean

– Scrub any impurities away from pores

– Will not dry out skin

– Accelerates and enhances capacity of skin absorption

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