Pro Paralex N5 Ultrasound System Machine with Ultrasound Gel 1000ml


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Device for ultrasound therapy, for facial and body procedures. Three manipules of different shapes. Ultrasound therapy, phonophoresis can be carried out. High ultrasound power – up to 1.5 W/cm2 – allows full-fledged ultrasound lipolysis on the body, cellulite treatment, reduction of the second chin.

The action of micromassage is based on the occurrence of a mechanical wave in tissues under the influence of medium-frequency ultrasound. When a mechanical wave passes, energy is released that stimulates cell membranes. The most significant stimulation of cells with ultrasonic cavitation occurs in adipose tissue.

The principle of operation of the ultrasound therapy device:

Micromassage of the skin, adipose and connective tissue leads to improved blood circulation and nutrition, stimulates the elimination of metabolic products and lymphatic drainage.

Ultrasonic micromassage with a frequency of 1.1MHz is used to study areas with a pronounced fat layer. Hips, buttocks, stomach. Micromassage depth 5 cm.

Area of application:

– Facial skin care (phonophoresis, nutrition, lymphatic drainage)

– Body shaping

– Non-invasive lipolysis – reducing the volume of fat folds

– Anti-cellulite procedures

Technical specifications:

Ultrasonic device – The Ultrasound System MY-N5 device consists of a case with a control panel and a time and power display screen, and three massage manipules.

The manipules of the device generate ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 1.1MHz and a power of up to 1.5 W/cm2 in continuous and pulsed mode.

Weight: 5 kg.

Working manipules for face, body and eyes.

Timer with time setting from 0 to 30 minutes.

Beep at the end of the procedure.

Power supply characteristics: 50-60 Hz, 220 V.

Ultrasound Gel 1000ml:

Ultrasound gel is a conductive gel to enhance the efficiency of the electro cosmetic treatment by creating proper contact between the skin and the probe.

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